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About James Rowlett Tree Care

James' father Jeff, has lived and farmed in Cotterstock (a small village near Oundle) all his life. Long before diversification was a word, and not an attempt to cheat at scrabble, he had performed tree work for neighbours and friends, and then on a more professional scale to keep things turning over.

Growing up in this environment, James soon became familiar with, and fond of, trees. While not grappling with algebra at school, he absorbed information on trees, and could soon tell an Ash from an Oak.

Helping out on the farm and with the tree work during the holidays furthered this education, and in his early twenties he decided that this was the life for him.

His love of trees has grown over the 15 years he has been running the business, and he even named his daughter after one - although, fortunately he opted for the English rather than the Latin name. Holly is a little easier to say than Ilex aquifolium

James has also discovered a bit of a talent for turning the arisings from jobs not just into firewood, but also into some rather more interesting creations. His technique is very much one of letting the wood speak for itself.

Our aim.

Being a smaller local business, we know our best marketing tool is happy customers. There are larger tree surgery business, but we doubt that any of them have a more honest and straightforward approach to ensuring that at the end of the day, you are happy with the work we have done you.

Whether you are a business with acres of trees, or a homeowner with a hedge that needs trimming, we aim to ensure that do the right job for you at the right price.

Please see our services page for more details on the range of services we provide.