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We regularly provide the following services to our clients.
  • Tree Removal

    This includes all aspects of removing a tree from your property - from the felling to the grinding and removal of the stump, the trunk and the brances and leaves. If you have an open fire or a woodburner we can convert all viable arisings to firewood for you.
    We can dismantle trees in very confined spaces using ropes and friction devices to lower the branches and trunks ensuring your property is not damaged, and frequently work near main roads, power cables and other obstructions.

  • Crown Management

    We are proficient at all aspects of crown management, reduction, pollarding and thinning. As with tree removal we are skilled at working within confined spaces and with obstructions, and again, the wood may be cleared or left as firewood at your preference.

  • Pruning

    With many years of maintinaing our own young trees and fruit trees, we consider ourselves expert in careful and beneficial pruning, for reshaping and balancing, helping the formation of young trees.

  • Hedge Management

    Hedges provide with shade and privacy, but growth can be a problem. We can provide regular trimming, one-off reductions, and we are used to dealing with partially obstructed and very high hedges.

  • Stump Management

    If we fell a tree for you, or if it has already been felled and you are left with the stump we can grind and remove the stump, prevent regrowth, and install root barriers.

  • Planting

    Lastly, and perhaps most enjoyable of all, we can help, advise with, and take care of all areas of planting. From designing plots, to purchasing and planting.